If you experience any kind of chronic pain, we feel for you. One of the most debilitating things that happen in your life is when pain causes you to stop living.  We have dealt with numerous doctors, trainers, and alternative pain healers in designing our products.  Be assured that when we say we can help, we mean it.

Both the INFRARED and the RED L.T.F.L. Phototherapy devices increase circulation and help to alleviate pain.  Although infrared light is not very visible to the human eye it is still optically powerful as seen in photos. the RED light therapy device is more optically powerful  and in turn will have a greater impact on improving blood flow in the treated area.  However, our INFRARED light therapy device is proven to increase nitric oxide levels, leading to better healing.

Our Infrared LED lights are made with only 850NM LEDs, this wavelength is proven to increase nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is a main component in the healing process, hence increasing nitric oxide levels speed recovery and quicken healing times.  
Simply put, if you experience pain from an injury that you can still heal from, than use our INFRARED light therapy device. If you suffer from pain due to an injury or problem that you can no longer heal from, than use our RED light therapy device.

For those who experience pain and wish to avoid taking any kind of drugs you can’t do better than our 109 LED Ultra RED, INFRARED, and now our new ALTAPULSE light therapy devices!


Scientifically proven to improve circulation, increase nitric oxide for improved healing, and alleviate pain.


Are you tired of the prescription drugs and OTCs? Are you looking for a natural solution? We can help!


Increasing nitric oxide levels leads to faster healing times after injury and surgery!

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